Friday, February 22, 2013

What I've been reading...

Yes I'm still polishing off chapter one of Monsoon Reign and will release it soon. In the mean time I wanted to take a moment to share a series I have been enjoying recently. I just finished reading book 4 of The Fireblade Array: Blazed Union, by H.O. Charles.

One thing I've notice in self published books are a large amount of writing mistakes that would be caught if the author took a little more time to go over their work. This is why it takes me so long in my rewrites, I want to put the best possible story out their for my readers. My greatest desire is for the reader to immerse into the world I have created and not be jarred out by a blatant mistake, misspelling or just plain bad writing.

But I digress. The point I am slowly getting to is that H.O. Charles has been one of the best self-published authors I have had the privilege to read. The author has achieved the ability to put me into the story and keep me there. It is a perfect balance of Epic Fantasy, Romance and Humor.  I would also add a brief description of the books but I think I will allow the author to do that.

With book 1 offered for free on amazon and the subsequent e-books only 2.99; you just can't go wrong with  giving this series a try.