Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm a little more homesick than usual today. You see today Grand Rapids, MI begins Art Prize 2013 and I'm not there to see it. This is a contest and art display in which many artists from all over the world come to our home town. They set up their works all over the downtown area for public display, many pieces are evolving with the artist working on it daily while others look on. Venues are museums, hotels, churches, pubs, colleges, restaurants, book stores, sidewalks, the grand river etc... and admission is always free. The city even offers shuttle services. You can get 2 wristbands for unlimited riding at only $5. Then the public votes for their favorites and they give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes to the artists.

So yeah, a bit homesick as they start the festivities and I can't join in. But a few more years and hubby will retire from the military and we can return home.

Artwork is everything from paintings to sculpture One artist is even hoping to break the world record for longest painting. Good luck Singh!

I guess I'll have to satisfy my desire to be there as much as possible by viewing the art online. Take a look, even if you're not there you might enjoy seeing something unique and thought provoking online. Of course that doesn't help with interactive art such as In my Soul.