Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I’m well into revisions of the novel I completed during NaNoWriMo and have renamed it The Ruling of Valedrun. (At least for now)

 I’m hoping to complete my revisions after the holidays and I’m looking for anyone interested in doing a beta reading of the book. I’d love feedback on the story before I go ahead with publishing. I’ll even list your name in the acknowledgements for helping me out.

 Let me give a quick summary of the novel so you can decide if you’re interested or not.

Johanna and her family deemed her mother insane when she called her a doppelganger. The dysfunctional situation made leaving home and building a new life, as an artist in the big city, an easy decision.
Content for the first time in her life the only thing missing was the man of her dreams. She’d called him Wolf the one time she’d met him as a young girl and thought she’d imagined the encounter. Thirteen years later he showed up at her door with an outlandish story of her true origins and insisted she return to their home world right away.
Added to the complications are the assassins sent to kill her and a jealous boyfriend she learns she knows less than she believed.
Journey with Johanna to another world where she finds hope, love and purpose in her life mixed in with magic and a power grabbing military leader.

This is a romantic fantasy. If you’ve read Monsoon Reign I can tell you that this one is far less dark, although a few bad things happen and the story includes some sexual content.

I’m hoping to have this ready to go out to anyone interested by the end of January. If you’re interested contact me through this site or e-mail me at and I’ll get you on the list.