Thursday, January 16, 2014

So I've been meaning to put a post up all week just so it can be known that I am, in fact, still alive. I finished my final, final revision of The Ruling of Valedrun and it's off being proofread. It's been an exhausting few weeks of constant revising. Mix that in with a new workout routine at the gym and hubby gone with the Army for a few weeks and now I'm a zombie.

I decided since it's my birthday today I'd make one of my favorite dishes for dinner. Penne alla Vodka. Of course I was out of Vodka, so I ran to the nearest ABC to get some. They carded me, which was pleasant, but apparently everyone who's carded me in the past year plus has failed to notice my drivers license expired in 2012! How have I missed that? Yikes! So a quick visit to Michigan Secretary of State website and I'm a legal driver once again.

Nothing much else new and exciting to report so I'm going to enjoy a celebratory glass of Witches Brew and share a fun little list my sister shared with me titled 44 Things every short girl can relate to. Being under 5 foot I can say I've experienced pretty much everything on that list except for #44.