Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I've been very lax in posting on this blog in recent months and for that I apologize. In truth I've been lax in working on any writing. I have plenty of excuses but no good ones. I've had Valedrun finished and ready for publishing for several months, yet it sits gathering dust and in need of cover art.

To be honest this past year and a half has been rough. Too much death and anxiety, which leads to panic attacks and an inability to feel creative. But I'm putting it behind me and moving forward with my writing endeavors. As of today I am shopping around for cover art to finally get Valedrun on the digital shelves.

Also on my agenda is to decide once and for all on a title. I keep debating between "The Ruling of Valedrun" and "The Princess of Valedrun". So if anyone has any thoughts on which speaks to them more please let me know. This particular book is more on the romance with a happy ending scope, unlike Monsoon Reign which has a darker feel.

And speaking of Monsoon Reign, I'd finished the first draft of the second book and started on book three quite some time ago. Once Valedrun is settled I will get back to work on those and attempt to get them out this year or early 2015.

Once I pick the cover art I will put a sneak peek up here for all my extremely patient readers.