Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's almost time. The Wild Lands, Cierstos Chronicles Book 2 is finally up for pre-order on Amazon.

Having fled Fayodale, Kathayr and Asher settle into a peaceful life with their son Driscol, and the old mage Thanos. Strange foreigners threaten their solitude and bring revelations of Soma to the family.

Journey with them as they are pushed further away from Fayodale, and into new civilizations, while trying to escape the reach of a vengeful King.

It is scheduled for release March 15th, however, I may release it sooner. Createspace doesn't offer a pre-order option so if the print version becomes available sooner I will release the ebook at the same time.

***** UPDATE: Since I messed up and released the print version through Createspace early, the ebook is now available as well.  Purchase on Amazon