Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted that I wished to be home so I could go see art prize. I learned the saying, be careful what you wish for, is a valid point. I got my wish and ended up back in Michigan, but it was for a funeral of a loved one. A strong woman and loving grandmother, she will be missed. Since this is a private matter I won't dwell on it here but go on with the post.

As I said, we did end up home for a time and spent a late afternoon seeing the art downtown before ducking into a pub for food and drink. Here are some pictures I got of some of my more favored pieces.

This Dragon was my favorite. Up close it was even more amazing.

There were many fortunes across this lawn.
Pictures don't do this experience justice.
The next few pictures are a montage in honor of the city of Grand Rapids and its brewing industry.
Beer anyone?
 Grand Rapids, MI
Origami of wishes. These extended across the ceiling and down a wall. We were able to then take a small piece of paper and write a wish to add to the art.

Nursery of weapons.
Gun mobile.
The elephant head is made of weapons.
See the guns?

These are real leaves with fiber optics.
I think this would be amazing at night!
Done in pastels.
This was very popular and super hard for a vertically challenged person like myself to get through the crowd to get a decent picture.
Another of my favorites.
I was hoping to paint a raven into a dove, but the artist wasn't there when we went.

This was actually a huge, in depth scene. Even the leaves and debris are made of metal. Amazing!
This felt like they were plotting against humanity. Creepy.
For sale. Anyone want a creepy mini-golf game for their home? Anyone?
Grand River art.
This giant's fishing line stretched high over our heads and plunged into the Grand River behind us.

Doghouse, I need not say anything more.

The winners of the contest are listed here. The first and second place winners I actually saw, but it was way too crowded to get a picture of those.