Thursday, February 13, 2014

Now that I'm done with The Ruling of Valedrun, (I'm submitting it for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award), I'm returning my focus to Soma. The follow up for Monsoon Reign. In preparation I spent the past week rereading Monsoon Reign to reacquaint myself with the characters. I did notice a few typos and some punctuation that could have been done better. Also I've been told, and I could see it in re-reading, that some of the passage of time is unclear within the story. So I've made some minor changes, realigned the chapters and put in some dates to help show how much time has passed from one point to the next.

I've uploaded it to smashwords and createspace already. Those should be available in the next couple of days. As for the Amazon kindle version, I've forwarded that to my publisher and they should be putting the updated file up soon. I'll post a reminder when it's all ready.