Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ok, so Amtrak is offering something pretty awesome. Writer's residency's.
So basically they're accepting applications from writers and will select 24 winners. Those lucky winners get a free ride, complete with sleeper car for one, on a 2-5 day trip. They'll have a place to write while watching the sights of our country rolling by.
I haven't decided yet if I want to try for it, all those pesky responsibilities come to mind. You know, being a mom, wife etc... But the gypsy spirit in me is pulling me toward filling out the form.
Hmmm... we'll see, perhaps.

On another note, I haven't posted much on here lately, I know. But I'm 40,000 words into Soma. After rereading Monsoon Reign, I got to know my characters again and I can't stop messing with them. I just have to keep pushing them to see what they can do. I'll try to put up an excerpt soon.