Thursday, August 7, 2014

Here it is, cover and blurb. Publishing date is set for August 15th. You can pre order through smashwords at the sale price of $2.99. After that it goes up to $3.99.

A princess concealed in a foreign world.
A desperate race between royal assassins and a protective knight to locate her.

Window display artist, Johanna Wesley enjoys her simple life in the city. She’s finally gaining renown and decent paying jobs for her talent. She even hired Jake, an attractive assistant who is intent on becoming more.

Wolf, a relentless knight, shows up and destroys her carefully crafted life and her basic beliefs.

Are his claims the ravings of a mad man or has she lost her mind? Wolf forces her into a world of magic, royal roots and danger. Will she leave everything behind to grasp a birthright she neither wants nor understands? Will she even have a choice?