Friday, November 7, 2014

It's NaNoWriMo! Yes, I'm taking advantage of the challenge to work on the third follow up book for Monsoon Reign. One week and over 14,000 words into it and it's going well. It feels so wonderful to be back to writing once again. For anyone who's ever suffered from anxiety and panic attacks maybe you'll understand, but it was impossible for me to do much but curl into a ball and sleep for the past few months. Now that the new meds have kicked in and side effects have declined I'm feeling much more creative.

I've also got Monsoon Reign rights back now that my contract with my publisher ended. To celebrate, I've decided to make it free. I've been able to offer it free on every venue, including Barnes and Noble, except Amazon. Right now I've got it for $0.99 on Amazon and that's the lowest they'll allow me to price it. If anyone would like to help me out you can find it on Amazon and follow the link that says Tell us about a lower price, then give them this link to let them know that it's free elsewhere. Hopefully if enough people do this they will price match and make it free.

And I realize I mentioned book three but book two is still not out. Yes, it's done, but I'm working through my editing phases. Hopefully I can give a publishing date on that soon.