Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a little teaser from a chapter of Monsoon Reign

*Warning: This excerpt contains language and violence.*

“I remember it,” she rushed on. “The memory is vague but... Oh, you were there too, weren’t you?”  Recognition made her eyes go wide.
     He looked down at her accusing finger pointed at him as his anger reached a boiling point. Kaid stood up behind her and patted her shoulder while giving Nicholai a smirk. “How wonderful, my little girl is getting her memories back. I can’t wait to hear what else she remembers.” With a tip of his hat he chuckled and let himself out.
     Nicholai locked the door to ensure they wouldn’t be interrupted before he addressed her. Her face was still lit up with a stupid grin, making him despise her more. He would beat the memories out of her if he must. The sooner she realized there was no happiness in this life the better off he’d be.
     “How dare you barge in here and interrupt my meeting!” He stepped closer and looked down at her. Her recoil and wavering smile gave him some satisfaction.
     “I… I was excited and wanted to share my news.” Her fingers twisted together in front of her. “Besides it was only my father, why shouldn’t I be able to see him?”
     He knew better than to believe the bluff. She held no more feelings for Kaid then he did for her. What a conniving little bitch.
     He grabbed her by the font of her neck and slammed her into the wall. “You will never enter my study unless I summon you here.” 
     Her eyes flashed with anger at him for the first time, taking him by surprise. “You know what I think,” she croaked.
     He loosened his grip on her throat, curious to what she had to say. “What do you think?”
     “I think you were there when I almost drowned and I tried to kill myself so I wouldn’t have to marry such an asshole. Too bad I survived.”
     He laughed and allowed a small measure of respect for her. “Too late to grow a spine now, my dear.” He released her neck before striking her face with the back of his hand. “I have no need of a smart ass wife. You’re duty is to lie on your back and let me fuck you until you carry my child. Perhaps after you give birth I’ll let you retire.

     Boldness drained away, quickly replaced with fear. “That’s better, wife. Now let’s do something about those memories.”