Sunday, June 30, 2013

In between writing this week I've been working on scraping off the old peeling wood on my desk drawers. I couldn't decide exactly how I would refinish the desk. So I took a break and we brought the kids to the lake for some fun. I glanced down at my beautiful tattoo :) and inspiration struck.

In case you missed it this is the before image of my desk. This is how it pretty much looked as of yesterday, only worse because I'd been scraping off the top coat.

This is now. I painted the entire frame with Chalkboard paint and used decoupage to cover the drawer fronts with sheet music.

But to make it a little more personal this was the actual sheet music I used in rehearsals for a cabaret I participated in while living in Arizona. I figured this was a great way to surround myself of wonderful memories of even more wonderful people that I truly miss.

My cozy writing space. Already gathering clutter as I begin to work again. :)

I'm pretty happy with the end product and think it will help fuel my inspiration as I write.