Monday, July 22, 2013

Sorry about the silence once again these past few weeks. I've been busy with writing book 2 of Cierstos Chronicles and I'm almost halfway through the first rough draft. Settling into a new writing pattern with kids home from school has been a challenge, but I've finally adapted and the ideas are flowing once again. I've also been making notes for three other book ideas for the future.

To make up for not posting in a while here's a nice, short scene of Kathair from Monsoon Reign.

She enjoyed the walk in spite of the chill. She loved taking the side trails to the center of town. A canopy of trees enveloped the pathways, skeletal bare branches with pale, grey skies as a backdrop. The wind rushed through the empty boughs to play a peaceful song as her feet crunched along on the dead leaves to the beat. A few more weeks would bring spring, small buds forming on the lifeless branches and the chirps of birds adding their music into the song. She hoped she would still be allowed to make her daily treks back and forth when the time came, and she wouldn’t be too large or uncomfortable to enjoy it.