Monday, July 1, 2013

Flash Fiction

So I received an invite last week to participate in the Indie book of the day Flash fiction writing contest. There were five categories (Romance, Thriller, Fantasy, Non-fiction and Children's). It was so much fun trying to write something meaningful within the word limit that I ended up submitting to all five categories. While I didn't win, I did get two honorable mentions. Which is still a win to me. It was fun and feels good to place.

Here are the two pieces I placed with.
This first one was for fantasy:

Humans by Author R.C. Fettig
He’d thought they were a Fantasian myth, meant to scare the younger ones. The creatures would use his stomach to carry water, skin for covering and bones for weapons. He wanted to learn more, but instead incinerated them and burrowed underground to warn others.

This one was for Children's poetry:

Courageous Max by Author R.C. Fettig
I’m brave like my daddy.
At least that’s what mommy says.
We’re like super heroes
But in different ways.

Daddy protects our country
I take care of mommy.
That way while he’s gone
He won’t have to worry.

Here is my prize :)

I highly recommend going to the Indie book of the Day to read the winning entries and other honorable mentions. Very impressive work and I enjoyed reading them all.