Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is anyone else looking forward to cool, crisp fall days? I'm from Michigan so these hot summer days don't sit well with me. Sure Virginia summer is a thousand times better than a Louisiana one, but I'm done with this heat none the less and it's still only July!

Also it feels like a never ending task of keeping bored kids occupied, cleaning up after them and trying to still find inspiration to write. Okay enough whining!

With the following month brings some more changes for me. I've decided to opt out of KDP Select on Amazon.

I won't be able to offer free days anymore. However, not being part of KDP Select will allow me to be able to offer my book through other venues. Such as Barnes and Noble, smashwords, kobo etc... My last day in the Select program is August 9th, I will post updates as the book is available through other sites after that.

The other update is a reminder of my book giveaway on Goodreads. There are ten signed copies available and the drawing will take place on August 3rd. If you haven't already entered, be sure to sign up here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sorry about the silence once again these past few weeks. I've been busy with writing book 2 of Cierstos Chronicles and I'm almost halfway through the first rough draft. Settling into a new writing pattern with kids home from school has been a challenge, but I've finally adapted and the ideas are flowing once again. I've also been making notes for three other book ideas for the future.

To make up for not posting in a while here's a nice, short scene of Kathair from Monsoon Reign.

She enjoyed the walk in spite of the chill. She loved taking the side trails to the center of town. A canopy of trees enveloped the pathways, skeletal bare branches with pale, grey skies as a backdrop. The wind rushed through the empty boughs to play a peaceful song as her feet crunched along on the dead leaves to the beat. A few more weeks would bring spring, small buds forming on the lifeless branches and the chirps of birds adding their music into the song. She hoped she would still be allowed to make her daily treks back and forth when the time came, and she wouldn’t be too large or uncomfortable to enjoy it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Saturday

My newly refinished desk is already proving its worth this beautiful Saturday. I'm feeling more creative, busily typing away at book two. Even worked on some interior imaging for chapter headings. While my youngest is free to "quietly" create to her hearts content.
By the way, here is the image I've come up with so far for my chapter headers.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Flash Fiction

So I received an invite last week to participate in the Indie book of the day Flash fiction writing contest. There were five categories (Romance, Thriller, Fantasy, Non-fiction and Children's). It was so much fun trying to write something meaningful within the word limit that I ended up submitting to all five categories. While I didn't win, I did get two honorable mentions. Which is still a win to me. It was fun and feels good to place.

Here are the two pieces I placed with.
This first one was for fantasy:

Humans by Author R.C. Fettig
He’d thought they were a Fantasian myth, meant to scare the younger ones. The creatures would use his stomach to carry water, skin for covering and bones for weapons. He wanted to learn more, but instead incinerated them and burrowed underground to warn others.

This one was for Children's poetry:

Courageous Max by Author R.C. Fettig
I’m brave like my daddy.
At least that’s what mommy says.
We’re like super heroes
But in different ways.

Daddy protects our country
I take care of mommy.
That way while he’s gone
He won’t have to worry.

Here is my prize :)

I highly recommend going to the Indie book of the Day to read the winning entries and other honorable mentions. Very impressive work and I enjoyed reading them all.