Monday, November 4, 2013

NaNo is going great. Here it is day four already and I'm 8020 words into my new novel. I've found that I'm a morning writer, which is crazy because I'm anything but a morning person! But I find as long as I'm up after getting the kids off to school that I want to get my goal of 2000 words out of the way before doing anything else in my day. So I spend two hours working on my writing and so far so good.

I've met some great new characters. Johanna is a somewhat reclusive but sassy young woman. Wolf is just fun in general to write. He's got that sexy bad boy vibe, yet is full of heart and tough to boot. Then there is Jake, the scariest antagonist I've ever written. There's nothing scarier than a guy you know is bad, but comes across as super nice if not perfect.

By the way my main character is a department store window display artist (I actually dreamed of doing that when I was MUCH younger). I found this picture that really inspired me...